Regional branding strategies – the bridge to Central Asia in 2021

Кастдев или Customer Development - дьявол прячется в мелочах
  We are living in a multicultural world. By now about two hundred countries on the planet, one way or another, claim their national identity.
  Our diversity contains the essence of the sinergy force of humanity evolution.
  Business has always been and always will be a unique agent of interpenetration of cultures. Great geographical discoveries were driven by entrepreneurs. The essence of entrepreneurship is access to new levels of interaction with the surrounding reality.
  In the practice of our company, however, we often observe how even a large national business that has grown itself up in a culturally homogeneous environment, being in a period of transnational expansion, often makes a series of dangerous strategic mistakes.
  As it usually happens. You are one of the leaders in the domestic market, your brand has long become an organic part of everyday life. It is literally woven into the cultural and informational field of society. Perhaps even your Brand has the status of a local eponym – you have something to be proud of!
  Your success is clear and logical, you are the best, you speak the same language with your consumers, you know their explicit and secret desires, their thoughts and feelings are not worse than yours. At least you think you know, this confirms your economic success.
  So your brands are entering new territories and in a new cultural environment, all of your “well-established”  promotions are suddenly completely ineffective.
  Your target consumer doesn’t seem to see you.
  The values of your Brands turn out to be incomprehensible to him, the motto – meaningless, positioning – strange.
  What’s happening?
  The answer is as sophisticated as it is obvious. You are in a CULTURAL GAP.
  In the new territories that have drastically other cultures, ultimate synchronization with the target consumer is required. You have to always keep it in mind when attempting to build a successful branding strategy.
  It is important to remember that the consumer is not something stuck in time. The consumer is a continuously changing essence that forms in response to social life. Your current success in the home market is due, among other things, to the fact that your business has grown, modified and transformed along with your consumer. You share with him a common cultural and informational field.
  Usually when the brand tries to get access on new national markets, it brings with it stereotypical marketing and often that strategy fails.
   Instead of it, the big deal is to set up a common value with its new consumers.
  Brand has to interact with them using cultural archetypes that they can understand. 
  Its branding strategy should include messages that are organic and consistent for their mentality.
 Only such a brand will expect a calculated success!

How can ProAdme consulting help you with it?

  Here in Kazakhstan, being in the heart of the Turkic world, we can bridge the gap for transcultural expansion of your brands throughout Central Asia.
  Our professional expertise will allow organic sync of your products with their new customers.

We provide services: 

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