Professional consultant-promoters as a comprehensive marketing tool

  The number of brands in retail outlets has long been in the hundreds of thousands, add to this a gigantic number of SKUs inside each of these brands, and it will become quite obvious that it just blows the customer’s mind.
  The truth of life is that many brands that exist in the same consumer segment carry characteristics that are quite homogeneous for the consumer, passing into the stage of non distinction.
  It is not uncommon to speculate with arguments that have already hackneyed such as naturalness, environmental friendliness, safety, etc. The consumer simply ceases to perceive them adequately.
  In such a situation, the professionalism of the mediator (ambassador) between the brand manufacturer and its end consumer begins to come to the fore.
  One of the obvious such mediators is a brand representative or promoter.
  The personality that directly interacts with the entire distribution chain and most importantly the end user.
  The success of this or that TM depends on the professional competence and expertise of this intermediary.
  And just with the latter, not everything is so simple.
  In 99% of cases, the job of a promoter is a temporary part-time job for students and young people. Hence follows a very sad fact of the low competence of the overwhelming majority of promoters. Often their work is reduced to distributing flyers and providing general information about the product.
  On the other hand, a professional consultant can provide a completely different level of interaction with the consumer.
  The key feature of this type of consultant is constant employment.
  The main value that he carries is a comprehensive consultation of the consumer. This includes knowledge of the market, orientation and awareness of the advantages of its TM and the disadvantages of competitors.
  The consultant’s key significance is taking care of the buyer, identifying his expectations and needs.

  How does ProAdme consulting helps brands to find their way to the hearts of their potential customers here in Kazakhstan?

  We create a “turnkey” external service of professional consultants-promoters and provide their continuous monitoring and functionality.
  A professional consultant is a comprehensive marketing tool to increase the sale of your TM and refine the culture of product use.
  A professional consultant is a quality tool for escalation of loyalty and awareness of your trademark.
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