Кастдев или Customer Development - дьявол прячется в мелочах

Regional branding strategies - the bridge to Central Asia in 2021

We are living in a multicultural world. By now about two hundred countries on the planet, one way or another, claim their national identity. Our diversity contains the essence of the sinergy force of humanity evolution.


Strategies promoting brands on the pharma market of Kazakhstan and the CIS

Cross-industry experts agree that the pharmaceutical market is one of the most competitive. This definitely explains why pharmaceutical companies are among the three leaders in advertising and promotion investing huge amounts of money in the fight for the loyalty of the average consumer.


Professional consultant-promoters as a comprehensive marketing tool

The number of brands in retail outlets has long been in the hundreds of thousands, add to this a gigantic number of SKUs inside each of these brands, and it will become quite obvious that it just blows the customer's mind.

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